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As the designer, I retain all copyright and ownership of the artwork and all variations of my works at all times. 


Important: you do not need a license if you want to make and sell finished products with fabric purchased from any of my Print On Demand Shops (Spoonflower, etc...)

Art licensing is essentially where you ‘rent’ artwork from an artist or designer. In my case, you may license my design(s) non-exclusively or exclusively (more on these options below).

As a licensee, you pay a fee to the licensor (the artist) to use the artwork in accordance with the terms you’ve agreed on with the licensor.

What is art licensing?


A non-exclusive license is where you choose an existing design from my portfolio. You will then be sent the production file so that you can manufacture your product by the printer of your choice. 


The design may also be licensed non-exclusively to other companies at the same time and will remain for sale on Print On Demand sites (Spoonflower, etc..), where other people may purchase the design printed onto fabric, wallpaper and other products.

All existing artwork will only be licensed in a non-exclusive form.

For more information on non-exclusive licenses (prices and conditions), fill out the form below.

21106 Leslie Passerino baby designer de textile.PNG


Usage terms for an exclusive license are negotiated and agreed upon by all parties before any design work commences.

As the designer, I retain the right to use the design during the licensing period for any other purpose not specified in the licensing agreement; for example, if you have exclusively licensed a design for Baby Bedding, then I may also license the design within a different category such as Wallpaper or Baby accessories.

At the end of the term, you will have the first opportunity to renew the design. If you decide not to not renew your usage rights then they will vest in myself.


I will be able to continue creating other designs with similar content during the licensing period but there is assurance any designs will not conflict.

For more information on exclusive licenses (prices and conditions), fill out the form below.

Form. Demande de licence


Do you want to discuss an idea, an upcoming project for which you would like to have my license rights? Please complete the form below as precisely as possible, this will help me with your request.

(Would you like a buy-out collection? Contact me.)

Form. Demande de licence
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